Learning English made a Writer out of me!

 In Fort Lauderdale

Luciana Horte came to study English at TALK Fort Lauderdale last year, and not only did she learn to speak, ready and write English very well, she became a fabulous, funny writer with a unique voice in this language which is not her own.

How the English Language inspired the Writer in Luciana!

An english student becomes a writer

Luciana Horte

Like many famous authors – Joseph Conrad, Ha Jin, Jack Kerouac – for whom English was not their native language, she found that she could express herself well in English, and loved doing it.  In short, Luciana became a writer! Here, Luciana explains how the task of learning English developed into something much more.

“Well, it’s so difficult to write or to talk about a Finish Line…

“When I first came here, I was only and English student with ordinary goals: to improve my English and achieve a level that I’ve never thought I could and …look what I got!

“I got a new life. New friends, new teachers that I will never forget. OMG! I love my teachers so badly! Every single one of them with their peculiarities has enriched me as a student and also as myself!

“Well, I was a teacher in Brazil, and I really love teaching.  I had tons of inspiration here at TALK. I think life is a kind of teaching process.  Because teaching is also learning. It is not a one-way street. You give and you also receive and visa versa! It’s a never-ending process. That’s what I found here!

“I just have to say thank-you for every new brick that I have been building and also supporting my soul.  I’m an even better person, thankful for the opportunities God has given me and ready for more!

“I’ll definitely miss you guys. ‘Specially this class, and also Barb, with whom I’ve shared a moment in my life that is challenging me and all the support I’ve needed I have had here with encouraging thoughts and good vibrations.

“Have Ed as my teacher and friend was a gift!  The best chapter of my favorite book!

“Studying at TALK has made me not only a better student but also a better person that is completely sure life is like this: an opportunity that will give you back what you plant!  I hope to keep sowing the seeds to harvest a lot!!!

“Thank you from all my heart and soul!!!”

The writer in Luciana expresses so much about what it’s like to have accomplished as difficult task.  Learning a second language is not easy, but it is eminently rewarding.


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