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Class size in private English Language schools in the US range can vary. When we are talking about the classroom, class size is one indicator of the quality of education you can expect. Other considerations related to the classroom at an English language school is the diversity of the students and age range.  English schools which appeal to international students have a significant diversity of nationalities, and also of the age range. If you can – and if this is a factor – in your decision about your learning experience, check the compatibility of other class members with the school before you start.

Class Size, Diversity and Age Range in the English Language School

class sizeThere are a few important questions to ask of an English Language school.

Ask if the school is accredited, how your progress is measured, what cultural and social activities are offered, what qualifications are required from the teachers, what facilities  are available and – what is the maximum class size. Most schools state their average class size.  Like many premium and smart schools,  TALK English Schools’ average class size is 12-18 students.

The age range of classes for General English and Intensive English classes can vary a lot. Some classes have students who are all in a similar age range, others might see a mix of young learners from age 16 to mature students with professional careers. Some students are studying English so that they can attend an American university and others need to improve their English for career advancement purposes.

In the summer months  (June to September in the northern hemisphere) most English Language Schools in the US are attended by younger – 16-22 years – international students.

Because English now has become the language of global business, academia, science and the internet, the English language classroom in the USA is characteristically a microcosm of the world.  To attend and English Language school here is a lesson in global citizenship, cultural differences and cultural sensitivity. It’s a  and wonderful by-product of the study abroad experience in the USA! You learn not only about your host country, but also about the diverse cultures  and countries of your fellow students who come from all over the globe.

In fact, when TALK last did a count, we concluded that 97 countries are represented by students at TALK schools (including Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Turkey, Russia, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and more!)  NOTE:  consider a school or  wider community with an insignificant amount of students or locals who speak your language, so you can avoid speaking in your native tongue and are compelled to  practice your English speaking skills!

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