Itchy feet and Restless Curiosity

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When you return to your native country from ESL study abroad it may be hard to settle down, your itchy feet long to wander.  Your curiosity about the world has been awoken.  Maybe you’re one of the 20% of people born with the “wanderlust gene”, or perhaps it’s a symptom of the “reverse culture shock” many students experience when they return home from study abroad.  Whatever it is, you like it!

Study Abroad Changed You

 Your time in the US challenged you to adapt to new situations, try new flavors, and embrace the differences between your own culture and one completely foreign to you.  You didn’t know you’d be able to do it, but you did, and the pride and confidence you gained are the cherry on top of you English language study abroad.

The downside of this newfound passion is the inability to settle down.  The best way to cope with your “reverse culture shock” AND itchy foot syndrome—aside from giving in and hopping on a plane—is to have an adventure in your local area.  If you’re anything like most of the people, you’ve never seen the sights your own city has to offer.  Call your friends, and spend some time together exploring your city.  It’ll be a great way to reconnect with them, and satisfy your thirst for travel.

Try not to compare your own country to the US when you speak with your friends.  Instead enjoy where you are, be a tourist.  Appreciate the beauty of your native country.  Your experience abroad will give you a new perspective, and you’ll find that the things you took for granted are a wonder.

ESL study abroad opened a window in your mind, a view of the world your eyes can’t help but wander to after you return to your native country.  Allow yourself some time to adapt to life back home, but if the siren call of travel haunts you, plan a new adventure.  Go to another English speaking country, you’ll keep learning and perfecting your language skills, and scratch those itchy feet that long to wander.

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