How to Choose the English Course That Meets Your Objectives

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What are your reasons for learning English?  Do you already have a foundation in the English language?  Do you need focused study in a particular area?  When choosing an English course you want to be selective.  Think about your current English language proficiency and your learning objectives.

Overview of the 3 Most Popular ESL Courses

Do you have none or some English under your belt?  Are you wanting to build on your skills and get more comfortable speaking with native English speakers? These three programs, General English, Intensive English and Exam Prep, are the most chosen of all English courses.

General English courses are a great choice for most English language learners.  Often English classes in foreign countries are taught by rote memorization—even years of study utilizing these methods won’t result in English language fluency.  Language, any language, is a living thing, learning from native speakers in an immersive environment, truly allows students to expand their knowledge and comprehension.  General English classes will teach or improve English speaking, writing, and listening skills.

Are you committed to becoming fluent?  Do you have your eye on an academic or career goal?

Intensive English classes are for students who want to grow their existing English skills or begin learning English in an accelerated fashion.  Intensive English classes can range from more focused general coursework to advanced levels geared toward professional development or to prepare you for study at an American university.

Do you want to gain admission to an American university?  Do you need to learn good study habits and testing skills?

Exam Prep classes are just that—preparation for the IELTS or TOEFL exam.  If it’s your objective to study at an American university, you’ll need to pass an English language proficiency exam before being considered for admission.  The focus of an Exam Prep class is, of course, to help you nail the exam but also to give you study and test-taking skills that will give you the confidence to tackle the demands of an American university classroom.

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