Flexibility of Private English Schools in the USA

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One of the biggest differences between English-as-a-Second-Language schools which are university-based and managed and private English schools in the USA lies in the flexibility that these private schools afford the students.


The Benefits of Flexibility of Private ESL Schools

The ways in which students at private ESL schools are allowed flexibility with their English learning are many:

  1. Students can choose to attend a variety of types of English courses – part-time, full-time, intensive, one-on-one, whatever course suits their specific needs;
  2. Students can take English course for personal, professional or academic reasons, and can expect to receive advice as to which course suits their specific objectives for learning English.
  3. A flexible schedule allows students to choose their start date – some schools, such as TALK English Schools, offer a start date on any Monday, some every month, or every few weeks;
  4. Students can choose how the duration of their course, so they are not restricted by budget or the length of time they can take off from work or other demands;
  5. The private ESL schools are mostly open all year round, while the university courses are tied to the university semesters.
  6. Private schools also offer elective courses, extra tuition if students require this;
  7. Many private schools offer morning, afternoon or evening classes.

If the idea of flexibility is important to you, the private centers, such as TALK English School, are institutions designed for the ESL student who needs flexible modules around start dates, course duration, part time or full time, one-on-one, Intensive English, General English, Business English, etc.

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