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Customized English Group Travel Programs provide study tours designed to provide each student in the group not only with classroom-based language lessons but also cultural immersion. Formal classes combined with extramural activities enable students to learn the fundamentals of a second language – grammar, usage, vocabulary, etc. Most English Group Travel Programs focus on your participation in the lives and lifestyles of native speakers. Students practice their language skills with the understanding that, in order to learn a language, they have to know how to use it in a meaningful, real-world way.

The Most Common English Group Travel Programs in the USA

Group Language Courses are offered to foreign student groups to study English in the United States. Courses are usually General English Part-Time, with a full cultural immersion experience. Cultural immersion programs, as they are known, are perfect for groups because they provide an experience of learning the language through culture, art, restaurant, sports, music and other activities taking place in their host city.

Apart from customizing the language program to give the members of the group a good understanding of basic language skills, a well designed English Group Travel Program will create the extra-curricular cultural immersion activities that are age-appropriate for the group. From junior summer camps to professional groups, from seniors to specialized English groups, these packages are fully customized to accommodate the particular group’s needs.

By far the most enjoyable and efficient way to learn a language is to enroll in an immersion language program in a country where the language is spoken by the natives!  Not only is this the most effective way – it’s also a lot of fun! English group travel programs allow you to spend time with your group, enjoy a full calendar of social events, learn English and be guaranteed a fulfilling and memorable experience.

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