Balancing Family And Your Newfound Independence

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Studying ESL in the US led to massive gains in your personal development.  The challenges you faced while learning to adapt to a new culture built your confidence, and your ability to live independently.  Being far from home, and the expectations of friends and family, gave you the opportunity to reinvent yourself, and try adulthood on for size.  It was all very freeing and empowering. When you return to your native country after ESL study abroad you can feel as though all your family obligations are cramping your newfound independence.

Cultural Heritage And Family Obligation

If your cultural heritage is one with a strong sense of family obligation you can feel especially guilty trying to maintain the same sense of independence you enjoyed while in the US.

Balancing your independence and family commitment can be difficult.  Some family members may feel as though you need to contribute more now that you’re back—looking at your ESL study abroad as an indulgence.

Don’t allow your role in your family to be dictated to you.  You can honor, support, and assist your family while maintaining the newfound sense of self you worked so hard to earn.

Your English language skills are an asset to your career, far from being an indulgence, your skills can translate to better and more lucrative job offers.

Family obligations and your own independence don’t need to be mutually exclusive.  Being there for your family can impart a sense of purpose and connection, and setting appropriate boundaries reminds people you’re worthy of respect as well.

ESL study in the US pushed you to test your wings.  If there are times you feel caged now that you’ve returned home, find a way to communicate your needs to your family.  They love you and want the best for you but aren’t mind readers.

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