Appreciating Your Parents And Family

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Home.  That warm, snuggly place where Mom laid her hand on your forehead to see if you had a temperature, and Dad told her you were fine, just faking.  Your parents and family are your back-story, the “why” to the “who” you are.  ESL Study abroad can put an ocean between you, but when you return home you need to bridge the distance that time apart created.  Find a way to show you parents, family, and friends just how much you appreciate them.


Maybe they pushed you out of the nest with their hopes for your future, but your parents didn’t mean for you to fly away from them. Just to fly to the US, study ESL, and come back to be a huge success.  Your friends really do want you to be a success too; they just don’t want to feel as though there’s no longer any common ground with you.

It’s up to you to make everyone feel the love.  Remember where you came from.  Remember that your family ALWAYS has your back.  Remember what you owe your parents for all they’ve sacrificed, and given you.

The readjustment period to life back in your home country may take a while, but you don’t need to wear it on your sleeve.  Talk openly with the people close to you about the experiences you had as an ESL student abroad in the US.  Talk about the things you liked, and how you want to try to work them into your life now.  Don’t criticize your own culture, or the beliefs of your family.  Give yourself the space you need to figure out who you are, and how you fit now that you’re back home, but be grateful.

Homecomings can be tricky.  The spotlight that your parents, family, and friends shine on you when you return home from study abroad can make you feel as though you’re required to perform.  Know that your parents are proud of you.  What everyone is waiting for is a hug.

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