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I started to make a list for myself of some experiences you’d have as an ESL student studying in the US that I wanted to highlight, and realized that they are almost too numerous to tell.  Your study abroad experience will be a grand, life-changing, adventure, unique to you.  Allow yourself to become immersed in the culture.  Be curious and bold.

Student Abroad = Adventures in Learning

As a student abroad at TALK English Schools, this is an opportunity to expand your mind, as well as your English vocabulary.

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Differences you’ll Experience

As a study abroad student in the US you’ll grow up a lot of your ways of thinking.  Being outside your comfort zone stretches you as a person.  Single women professors?  In pants?!  Maybe that’s not radical to you…  Mixed race couples?  Same-sex couples?  On campus protests?  Transgender bathrooms?  There’s bound to be something that isn’t common to your own culture.  Something you never imagined was…ok.  Be yourself, DON’T toss aside your beliefs in but DO question if they really are your beliefs.  Part of the experience of studying abroad is reimagining who you are, who you can be.  Try new foods and new sports.  Listen to different music.  Make friends with people who are completely different from you.

Practical Benefits

Studying English in the US will benefit your career too.  Many companies are looking for employees with strong English language skills AND strong cross-cultural experiences.  The nature of multi-national corporations and Internet based businesses mean that people all over the globe are essentially working in the same office.  The ability to work side by side with people from varied cultures is a skill you can only gain through exposure to different cultures.

Your experience as an ESL student in the US is yours to create.  Will you be brave and inquisitive?  Adventuresome and bold?  Friendly and open?  If you answered yes to all these questions then prepare for an epic, memorable study abroad experience!





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