How to Have the Best Study Abroad Experience

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 You probably thought a lot about all the things you wanted to see, do, and learn as an ESL student studying in the US.  That’s actually the first step to making sure you have the best study abroad experience possible, and it should take place well before you purchase your plane ticket.

7 things you can do for best study abroad experience ever

  1. best-study-abroad-experienceDo research about where you’re planning to study.
  2. Look at local blogs to discover the hidden gems that your host city has to offer.  Make a list of the places you want to see and the things you want to do.  Having specific goals, and destinations in mind will really build the anticipation for your trip.
  3. But, don’t over schedule yourself.
  4. Allow for your study abroad experience to unfold organically.  Be spontaneous.  You’ll be in a new city, meeting new people.  Join in.  Get outside your comfort zone.  If you already know what you’ll be doing every weekday at 4:00, chances are you’re in a pre-rut!  Mix things up.  Think about joining a club, or sports team.  Sign up for a campus field trip to one of your bucket list places to visit.
  5. Remember that you’re in the US with primarily educational goals in mind.
  6. Speak English everywhere you go, and when you’re out, keep your eyes and ears open.  Let yourself become immersed in the culture.  You never know how exposure to another culture affects your view of the world, or yourself.  You could have an experience that influences your choice of study or career.
  7. Have a budget. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like any part of a dream I would have either, but the dream part of a budget is that you get to enjoy the experiences you planned for.  Being broke is stressful, and zero fun.

Some imagination, research, and practical thinking can lead to the study abroad experience of a lifetime.



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