TALK Student Testimonials: Nicole, Miriam, Sylvia & Laura share their experience of online classes

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TALK has been teaching English online for about four months. We asked a few students to share some of their views about their experience in our last rotation of classes. So many of our students were particularly moved by how well our teachers engage with them. Read on to find out what else they said.

What were your two most favorite things about the online English classes?

Nicole Salas, from Chile, Level 3

Nicole Salas : I really liked this class with the teacher Ivan and Marianela, the two things that highlight is: The way of teaching very didactic, with games, power point, songs and apps kahoot! The way is explained, very clear and easy to understand.

Miriam Zaga: The way they explain and teach. The teachers are Extraordinary. Level 3 Ivan and Marianela Level 4 Woody and Julian.

Sylvia Deleu: The first one is the teacher, Liande knows how to teach English. The second one is how she makes her class interesting.

Laura Alejandra: The teacher and the game to learn English.

If your friends asked you about TALK, what two things would you say to them?

Miriam Zaga, from Mexico, Level 4

Miriam Zaga: I think in one word I can say TALK is an excellent language school!

Mariana Silva: I like the price and study method.

Sylvia Deleu: It’s a good way to learn English. They have good people and are very organized and friendly.

What is your most memorable aspect of online classes?

Nicole Salas: I liked learning other cultures from my classmates and hearing different pronunciations.

Laura Alejandra: Despite being online, they are good classes and you stay active!

Sylvia Deleu: I liked experiencing good times together while learning a new language.

What is your favourite American expression, idiom or slang you’ve learned while taking classes?

Sylvia Deleu, from Brazil, level 6A

Laura Alejandra: I could not choose a single phrase, because for me it is all new.

Nicole Salas: The expression is “wherever”, “so”, “be safe”.

Mariana Silva: I like “Doesn’t matter”, “anyway”, and “potato patato”.

Sylvia Deleu: For me its, “First of All” and “one the other hand”.

Why would you recommend TALK to your friends and family?

Miriam Zaga: Because it’s a school where you learn to speak and write!

Mariana Silva: I like the mix of culture and price (cost benefit).

Sylvia Deleu: Because for me its Best English school in Miami.

Thank-you to all our students who’ve shared about their experience. We’ll be sharing a few more experiences in the weeks to come both here on our blog and on our social media pages along with tips, important words and encouraging english motivation.


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