TALK Student Testimonial: Marcelino Catumbila recalls his favorite American Expression

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We love the fact that at TALK we get students from literally all over the world. Today we here a testimonial from Marcelino, from Angola. He took classes at TALK Miami Beach.

What were your favorite things about your classes at a TALK school?

My 2 most favorite things about classes are group conversations and interaction between teachers and students in class.

What is your most memorable activity or event at TALK? 

My best memory is the lessons with song lyrics. They were so much fun.

What is your favorite American expression, idiom or slang you’ve learned while in the US?

walk it like I talk it”

If your friends asked you about TALK, what 3 things would you say to them? Why would you recommend TALK to your friends and family?

I would tell them that TALK has good teamwork and excellent teachers. Also the communication at TALK is great. 

TALK has great teachers and the best interaction between teachers, students and management. This sets it apart from the others.

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