TALK Student Testimonial: Albiera’s favorite things about TALK Boston!

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At TALK, our student’s experience is very important to us. So once again, we hear from some of our students – Albiera Camaiora from Peru! He took classes at TALK Boston

What were you favorite things about your classes at a TALK School?

I am currently doing the Literacy Skills class with Jose. I really enjoy these classes, my two favorite things would be how safe I feel to interact in class and how dynamic the learning is.

What is your most memorable activity or event at TALK?

My best memory is learning every morning about how my class mates are doing. Nowadays it is so hard to learn about you colleagues doing everything virtually, but every morning our teacher gives us a couple minutes to talk, and share a bit about our lives.

What is your favorite American expression, idiom or slang you’ve learned while in the USA?

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. I learned this saying, and loved it! We were talking about cryptos and investments in our morning talks and this saying came up.

If your friends asked you about TALK, what 3 things would you say to them?

I would tell them, that in talk they will learn and enjoy the process. I realize sometimes I don’t even notice, but through conversations and casual activities, there is always learning involved. I would tell them to enjoy the process since it is very interactive and goes by so quickly!

Why would you recommend TALK to your friends and family?

I would recommend talk, since it is a course that will teach you so much, and the process is so easy and simple. Talk is a place where instructors truly want you to succeed and you will feel this every step of the way.

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