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Cansu Camlibel

It is becoming more and more important for Turks to know how to speak English. As the economy becomes more connected to the global economy, the need for English speaking people in the workplace is a skill that is in many instances an absolute job requirement and vital for their career development.

Cansu Camlibel has been a student at TALK English School in San Francisco

“I recently graduated from my university at home in Turkey, which feels great.” Cansu told us recently. Despite this, Cansu immediately encountered a problem when it became time to find employment. “Unfortunately, I don’t have a job yet. A lot of employers in Turkey are looking for people who speak English. ”

English Proficiency is Almost as Important to Career Development as a Degree

Realizing that without English, Cansu was limiting her career development prospects, she decided to study English at TALK English Schools in San Francisco. She knew that an ESL course which emphasized cultural immersion would accelerate her learning and also help her speak English like a native.  “I want to gain an advantage over my competition back at home and improve my own life with a skill that I can use anywhere in the world.”

She expectations have been met, and more.  “TALK is great at what they do. Every week I can see how much I’ve learned and how it has affected me and help me grow. Also, the people I go to school with are so nice, the teachers are really smart and the staff is very helpful. I love TALK. I love everyone in TALK.”

Cansu is returning to Turkey confident that she can now easily enter a profession, advance her career and take advantage of global opportunities.

She understands that even with a degree, these days a student requires English to increase their employment opportunities.  She took it upon herself to study English – not an easy language for Turkish speakers – and in so doing, she gave herself the gift of a hugely important skill.  To TALK, she says” Thank you so much for everything.”

Thank-you, Cansu.  We wish you every success in your career. We are positive you’re going to fly!



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