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Once the basic elements of English grammar are more or less understood, the focus of the English language learner typically turns to acquiring  vocabulary words . Vocabulary is a big part of learning English as a second language. An area that is difficult for students are vocabulary words called Homonyms. Homonyms (also called homophones and homographs) are words that sound like one another but have different meanings and sometimes slightly different spellings.

Some homonyms, however, are spelled the same, like fast (to abstain) and fast (quick, speedy). Some homonyms are spelled differently, like pear (the fruit) and pair (a couple/two.)  Learning to distinguish which word is the correct one to use is made easier if you study these words and use them in conversation as much as you can.

Although there are slight differences between homophones, homographs and homonyms, the word homonym has come to mean all three of these words. Homonyms to be words that sound the same, are spelled the same, or both.

Homophones, Homographs and Homonyms

HomophonesWhat is the difference between these three types of word pairs?

Homophones – homo=same, phone = sound.  These are different words, sometimes spelled alike, that sound the same. Be and bee. Billed and build.

Homographs – homo=same, graph=writing – are words that although they may be spelled the same, have different meanings and may or may not be pronounced the same way.  Wound (an injury)/wound (to turn).

Homonyms – homo=same, nyms=names – means homophones or a name for words that are both homophones and homographs —alike in both spelling and pronunciation.  Dear and deer. Knight and night.

There are many examples of these three forms of word pairs, or word groups (centscentsent.) Here are some common vocabulary words that sound the same but mean different things.

Some homonyms

allowed aloud

band banned

cell sell

discussed disgust

ewe you

flower flour

grate great

hole whole

in inn

jeans genes

knows nose no’s

lessen lesson

meat meet

night knight

oar ore or

pear pair

quarts quartz

reed read

steak stake

thyme time

unreel unreal

vain vein vane

wine whine

x ex

yoke yolk

Here’s a great online homophone quiz for you to try your hand at selecting the correct word from each group of homophones.

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