Vocabulary Quiz: Which Words Should You Learn First?

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Learning vocabulary is one of the most important aspects of learning English as a second language. The more words you learn over time, the more understanding you will have of the world around you with what you hear and read. You will also have the ability to say what you need to say through speaking or writing.

Which Words Are The Best To Learn?

Although it is best to learn as many words as you can, you may find it difficult to learn every word from the dictionary. The following are some suggestions on which words you should learn before reading through the dictionary.

  • Learn words that correlate to your subjects your studying.
  • Learn words which you constantly see and hear over and over again.
  • Learn the words that you will use often in your own vocabulary.
  • Don’t learn words that you won’t use or that are rare.

How To Learn New Words

Once you’ve chosen new words to learn, you will then need to decide how to learn them effectively. You could:

  • Write the words down on paper or in a notebook.
  • Write down the definitions of each word.
  • Practice saying the words over and over again.
  • Place and organize the words into groups.
  • Use pictures to associate the words with items or other words.
  • Ask those around you to test you.
  • Use the words when you write or speak each day.

Things To Learn About Your Chosen Words

When you learn new words in the English language you will first learn what they mean and the translation of what they say in your home language. Although this is a great starting point there are a few other things that you will need to know about a word. These include:

  • How its pronounced
  • How its spelt
  • How its changes depending on whether it’s a noun, verb or adjective.
  • How it is used with other words
  • Whether it has a particular style or register.
  • The context of what the word means and how it’s used in sentences.

Vocabulary quizzes

Vocabulary quizzes can really help to improve your overall language skills. The following are some great vocabulary quizzes you can use to improve your English skills.



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