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On the previous three issues of the newsletter, we started exploring the most effective tips and strategies for learning a foreign language as they relate to the four major aspects of language learning:

Listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In the third post we offered some tips to study the Reading skill and we will continue on this issue with some tips on how to practice and increase your vocabulary:
As you progress in learning a language, you’ll want to increase your vocabulary. Below we’ll explore strategies and techniques for improving your vocabulary in a foreign language.

Study grammar

Being able to memorize vocabulary is important, but without proper context and usage it’s difficult to really “learn” vocabulary. Being able to put the vocabulary you memorize into a usable context allows you to recognize, recall and use what you’re learning. Understanding the rules of grammar in the language will greatly improve your ability to learn vocabulary.

Flash cards

Visual aids, including flash cards, are a great way to pick up additional vocabulary. To develop flash cards, take a 3×5 card and write the vocabulary word on one side and it’s English equivalent on the other. Review your flash cards once a day until you’ve mastered the vocabulary words. Try to keep the number of vocabulary words you’re working with to a minimum until you’re ready to move on to new words.

Find new words

Find new vocabulary words via your daily activities and write them down in a small pocket notebook. At the end of each day, look up any words you don’t know in a dictionary, write down the definition and memorize it. At the end of each week take some time to review and commit to memory the new vocabulary words you’ve written down during the week. This is a particularly effective strategy for acquiring new vocabulary and learning a language when living among native speakers.

Focus on each word

When learning a new vocabulary word (1) pronounce it; (2) spell it; (3) find its meaning; (4) use it in a sentence; and finally (5) write it down with its meaning three times.

To be continued…

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