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When learning English as a second language, speaking is one skill that you feel the need to perfect. Some great ways to learn how to speak properly is by testing yourself through spoken English tests. The following is some information about speaking and tests that you can use to help improve your overall skills.

What Is Speaking?

Speaking is the term used to deliver language through ones mouth. When we speak, we create sounds using many parts of our diaphragm and body. These parts include lips, teeth, tongue, vocal chords, vocal tract, and lungs.

Speaking is one of the four language skill which include:

  1. Writing
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Listening

When it comes to learning our own language as children, speaking is usually the second skill that is learnt. This vocalization generally requires one listener. When two or more people speak with one another, it forms what is called dialogue. Dialogue can also be rehearsed and planned as in the delivery of a presentation or speech. In some cases English learners cam practice their speaking skills by using a mirror.

There can be formal and informal speaking patterns

  • Formal speaking is generally used in academic situations, businesses or when meeting strangers for the first time.
  • Informal speaking is generally used with friends and family or with people that you know very well.

Spoken English Tests

Speaking in some way is an art form. To perfect it you need to practice, practice, practice in order to become fluent in the English language. So if you want to improve your speaking why not try some of the English speaking tests above and practice what you have learnt in your studies. You may be surprised at just how far you have come.


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