Infinitive Phrases and Sentences

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Infinitive phrases and sentences are groups of words that combine an infinitive verb and objects.  The infinitive phrase, when used as a noun, adjective or adverb is preceded by the word ‘to.’ Infinitives are formed with the verb ‘to’, together with the PRESENT TENSE of a VERB:


Infinitive phrases and sentences contain a verb, which, when used as a noun, adjective or adverb, is preceded by the word ‘to.’  When the infinitive follows some verbs as the direct object, the word ‘to’ may be dropped. For example: He helped (to) move the car.  Let’s look at some infinitive phrase examples.

Infinitives and Examples of Usage

  1. She offered to buy the vase.

Noun. Infinitive: To buy …(direct noun object) the goods

  1. To see clearly, she reached for her glasses.

Adverb. Infinitive: To see clearly, … (modifying verb) reached for.

  1. Let’s ask which road to take.

Adjective Infinitive: To take … (adjective modifying noun) road.


When an infinitive phrase breaks the sentence, a comma is used between the 2 phrases.

Check out a fun You Tube Lesson on Infinitives

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