How to Attain English Fluency Quickly

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When we talk about English fluency, we need a consensus about what fluency English, or in any language, really means.

Does fluency mean how effectively a learner’s English grammar and vocabulary have been learned in order to communicate effectively using the language? By ‘communicate’, does this measure apply to the four skills of language learning: listening, reading, speaking and writing? No – in fact, fluency has come to mean mostly the spoken part of English language skills. For most students who are learning English as a second language,  spoken fluency is indeed the most important goal.

Tips for English Fluency

If by fluency we mean spoken fluency, these are the ways that this can be achieved quickly:

  1. Learn English in an English-speaking country
    1. Immerse yourself in the culture of the country – that way you can use every opportunity to listen to how the language is spoken, and to speak it
    2. Practice conversational English with English native speakers
    3. Don’t be shy about making mistakes in grammar or pronunciation when you converse in English
    4. Ask your English-speaking friends to correct your mistakes
    5. Avoid speaking to friends and fellow students from your native country in your native language
    6. Go to class, and ask questions whenever you do not understand something.
  2. Build your vocabulary in a way that is going to be effective
    1. Watch English television shows and movies
    2. Listen to English speaking podcasts and radio
    3. Make notes of words you hear a lot and need to learn
    4. Be focused on learning a word a day
    5. Focus on the common words and phrases that are used most in English conversation – 20% of the most common conversational vocabulary is used 80% of the time in daily communication.

The more you converse and if you stick to the study plan for learning English as a second language, the quicker you will get to English fluency.

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