7 Benefits of Learning English as a Second Language

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Studying English as a second language in the US will benefit you in many ways. Research into the benefits of bilingualism, whether it is English or any other language, has shown that there are extraordinary benefits to learning another language. These include better attention spans, multi-tasking skills and other cognitive skills. Speaking a second language makes you more tolerant and open-minded and it also makes travel abroad easier. Learning English as a second language has its own advantages in this globally mobile world.

Why Learn English as a Second Language?

  1. Communication: The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Because it is commonly used, learning English as a second language will help to enrich your experiences and broaden opportunities.
  2. Bilingualism Benefits: Whether it is English or another language, bilingualism has benefits for you both professionally and personally. Bilingualism helps you develop relationships and ties with other cultures English as a second language makes you more employable in English speaking countries.
  3. Job Opportunities: Many companies are looking for employees with strong English language skills AND strong cross-cultural experiences. The nature of multi-national corporations and Internet based businesses mean that people all over the globe are essentially working in the same office. The ability to work side by side with people from varied cultures is a skill you can only gain through exposure to different cultures. English is the language of tourism, diplomacy, the internet and computers, aviation, medicine, the media and science. Learning and understanding English will increase your career opportunities especially in this global business environment.
  4. Media Industry: The language of the communications and media world is predominantly English, especially in the realm of entertainment: movies, TV shows and popular music.
  5. Education: Academic scholarship, publications and research overwhelmingly uses English terminology. Your academic career, whether under-graduate course material or advanced scholarship in the humanities, medicine and science, will benefit from a knowledge of the English language.
  6. Culture – English Literature, Movies and Popular Culture: Some of the world’s greatest literature, plays and screenplays and songs were first written in English. Your English skills will enable you to read these great books and see great shows in the original language. And the more you read, watch and listen, the more your English will improve.
  7. Information: Increasingly, important publications – business, academic and specialist – as well as websites are created in English and although some are translated into other languages, many are not because so many people can speak, read and write English. Knowing English allow you to access important information for your needs that otherwise may not be easily be available to you.

There are many more reasons for learning English as a second language, although these seven benefits to learning English are reasons enough!

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