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Learning English as a second language can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life. Not only doesImpress a Native Speaker it open new doors in life but it also allows you to speak naturally to native English speakers. If you want to show those around you just how well you can speak English, the following are some words that may just impress even the native English speakers.

Impressive Words For ESL Students

  • Jubilant – Happy, extremely joyful.
  • Knell – A solemn sound bell indicating death.
  • Lithe – Supple, graceful, and flexible.
  • Lurid – Sensational, ghastly.
  • Maverick – A nonconformist and independent person.
  • Maxim – A saying which commonly expresses a principal of conduct.
  • Meticulous – Extremely careful with details.
  • Modicum – A small number of something.
  • Morose – Sullen or gloomy.
  • Myriad – Consists of a large number.
  • Nadir – The lowest point of something.
  • Nominal – Insignificant, trifling.
  • Novice – Beginner, a person who has no experience or training.
  • Nuance – Slight variations in expression, tone and meaning.
  • Oblivious – Lacking awareness or consciousness of something.
  • ObsequiousExcessively submissive or compliant.
  • Obtuse – Lacking quickness of intellect or sensibility.
  • Panacea – Remedy for difficulties or ills.
  • Parody – A satirical imitation.
  • Penchant – A preference, partiality, tendency.
  • Perusal –A careful review or examination.
  • Plethora – Excess, in abundance.
  • Predilection – An inclination or preference for something.
  • Quaint – Charmingly old-fashioned.
  • Rash – Incautious or hasty.
  • Refurbish – Clean up, to restore.
  • Repudiate – Refuse to accept, to reject.
  • Rife – Abundant.
  • Salient – Significant, conspicuous.
  • Serendipity – Finding good luck when you aren’t looking for it.
  • Staid – Self restrained, serious, sedate.
  • Superfluous – Exceeding what’s necessary.
  • Sycophant – Flatters for self-gain.
  • Taciturn – No inclination for talking.
  • Truculent – Cruel and ready to fight.
  • Umbrage – Offence, resentment.
  • Venerable – Deserving of respect due to achievement or age.
  • Vex – To annoy or confuse.
  • Vociferous – Boisterous, loud.
  • Wanton – Lustful, lewd, undisciplined.
  • Zenith – Culminating point, the highest point.

These are just some of the bigger words that you can use to impress those around you. So why not see if you can use any of them in your everyday vocabulary.

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