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To understand when and how these two words, affect and effect, are used in a sentence, we should first know the meanings of these words, affect and effect.

affect and effect – they mean different things gives us the meanings of the two words, and when you know the difference you will understand how to use these two words, affect and effect:

The word affect means to produce a change in something.
have an effect on. make a difference to. touch the feelings of (someone). move emotionally.

Affect, as a verb, describes the act of influencing rather than causing something.
The high tide will affect the beach volleyball game


Affect is used as a noun when you want to mean ‘to impact’.
This tragedy has had a big affect on the community.

The word effect means the result of something or the ability to bring about a result.
a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other causes.
the state of being or becoming operative.
the extent to which something succeeds or is operative.” e.g.:

Aloe juice can treat burns with great effect.

a phenomenon, named after its discoverer/inspirer:

The Streisand effect (refers to the when you try to prevent information going public and your efforts just bring this information to the front and center of media focus!)

an emotion produced:
The wind had an unsettling effect.

the technically created sounds and scenes used in a play or movie:
The special effects in the musical production were brilliant.

personal belongings:
The bag contained her personal effects.


cause (something) to happen; bring about:
Nature always effects a cure.

Simply put, if you are talking about the result, you use “effect.”
A useful way to remember how to use the word “effect” is when one of the following words is used immediately before the word: and, into, any, on, the, an, take:

The smell of coffee had an effect on her mood.

If you want to convey that something that was caused or brought about, effect is the word you use.
The coach effected a very positive attitude in his team.

To use the words properly in a sentence, we should know the meaning of each: affect and effect.



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