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Internet slang lies somewhere between words that are trending among Gen-Y-ers and other digital citizens and those that have crept into dictionaries as new words. The number of new words, acronyms that are part of the latest category of the English vocabulary words is astounding. Beginning life as internet slang, the body of words grow by the day, and so keeping up with it is an exercise in persistence and requires virtual 24/7 social media presence.
A quick peak at a number of websites that specialize in listing words and acronyms as they are come into use, favorite words, trending words offered up some of the top trending internet  slang – or net lingo – terms.
It would be interesting to check, at the time that this blog is published, whether other  internet slang terms have come up to replace these.

Internet Slang Terms

1.            MANKY Nasty, dirty
2.            TLGO     The List Goes On
3.            LNT        Leave No Trace
4.            GEEZ      Jesus
5.            INTP      Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving
6.            <B          Hate
7.            MUAHZ Kisses
8.            BIO        Biological (toilet) break
9.         CIR         Committed Information Rate (minimum bandwidth)
10.         DTP        Disturbing The Peace
11.         EV          Expected Value
12.         SN          Screen Name   Side Note
13.         DNA       Deoxyribonucleic Acid  Did Not Attend   Does Not Apply
14.         ICT         Information and Communication Technology
15.         KIG         Keep It Gangsta
16.         JIT          Young gangster  Just In Time
17.         AYT        Are You There?
18.         RWD      Rear Wheel Drive
19.         DUNNO               Don’t Know
20.         WYM     Watch Your Mouth  What You Mean?
21.         TATA      Goodbye
23.         MYCH    Maybe You Can Help
24.         LMK       Let Me Know
25.         LI            Laughing Inside
26.         SWT       Sweat  Sweet
27.         WDYWFM           What Do You Want From Me?
28.         USB        Universal Serial Bus
29.         OTP        One True Pairing
30.         HOOT    Good time  Funny person
31.         IBK         Idiot Behind Keyboard
32.         IDFG      I Don’t Feel Good
33.         LEMME Let Me
34.         LMIRL    Let’s Meet In Real Life
35.         NGU      Never Give Up
36.         PERVY   Perverted, creepy
37.         >:)          Evil Grin
38.         TGE        Misspelling of ‘the’
39.         HBY        How About You?
40.         WEE       Small
41.         IMMD    It Made My Day
42.         LBNL      Last But Not Least
43.         LYLT       Love You Long Time
44.         JHEEZE  same as OMG, wow
45.         AZN        Asian
46.         DOPE     Heroin   Cool, awesome
47.         MACHING            Going at maximum Speed (skiing or biking)
48.         OVNO    Or Very Near Offer

Acronyms play a huge role in internet slang terms, the main reason being that the creators of these terms by definition are looking for ways to shorten phrases and words, to reduce them to their bare essentials and still convey meaning.  Internet slang terms are here to stay and will have an enormous influence on our standard English vocabulary as they become accepted by the mainstream.

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