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Online word games apps are a great way to build your vocabulary. There are literally hundreds of online word games apps that  foster vocabulary skills.  We tend to learn best when we are playing, or engaged in an activity which is enjoyable and educational. Watching a movie, or reading a book are examples.  Here are  a few online word games and apps that are excellent for building your vocabulary.

Recommended Online Word Games Apps

There are thousands – and growing – online word game apps and sites, and what they offer which board games generally do not, is the opportunity to enjoy a game on you own.

Vocabulary is the key to expressing yourself well in any language and the key to learning and improving your vocabulary is constant revision. Luckily there are lots of sites and apps that can help you do this and have fun at the same time.

Try some of these games we like and which you find online or can download the app: (there are multiple sites which have recommendations, including this list on Huffington Post)

Free Rice

This game combines vocabulary building and do-gooding – is an online vocabulary game run by the UN World Food Program. When you get an answer right, rice gets donated to people who need it.

Flash games

 This site offers dozens of really engaging games specifically for ESL students.


This is a great tool for students of any age and stage of language development.  Click on a word and get the definition.

Brain Blaze Root Words

Understanding root words is one of the most powerful tools a student can hone to work out the meanings of unfamiliar words

Word Root of the Day

This game is one of the most visually attractive, informative, interactive, and interesting platforms to see how roots help “grow” our words. Your students will look forward to each day’s new root.

A lot of these online word games are really brilliant – and totally addictive!

Vocabulary building can be fun, so take advantage of the many online word games apps out there that it could also become quite an addiction!

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