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American English pronunciation is most easily learned if you study English as a second language in the United States. Pronunciation is a very important part of learning to speak the English language.  You need to be understood for all that learning to be effective, and if your objective is to be in America or stay in touch with people and things American, the ideal way to learn to speak is using American English pronunciation.

american english pronunciation tips

There are four recommended ways to learn correct American English pronunciation
1.  Learn  the language by speaking to your classmates and practicing the pronunciation that you have heard your teacher use.
2. Speak to native speakers, and listen to their pronunciation as well as their grammar and expressions.  Let them know you want not only your grammar corrected bu also your pronunciation.
3. Watch and listen TV shows, movies and listen to the radio and music lyrics in American English.
4. There are many online English, and especially English American pronunciation websites, that have video and audio functions so that you can hear the correct pronunciation, see the way it is said, and learn to copy it.
Here are some basic rules about American English pronunciation:
Stressed vowel sounds are lengthened. amazing ah MAH zing
The consonent before a ‘u’ or ‘ew’ vowel sound  is pronounced as it is.  Tuesday Toozday
‘t’  is often pronounced as a ‘d’ better  bedda
In many instances the vowel has a nasal sound.  They are usually nasalized before a consonant
The ‘o’ sound is more like an ‘a’ sound. top  tarp
The ”a sound is a short’ a’ but there is a sound like an ‘r’ in there too.    fabulous fairbulous
Words ending in ’tile’ are pronounced as ’til’   futile fewtil
Syllables are stressed in the following ways in American English pronunciation
Compound nouns are stressed on the first syllable
Compound verbs are  stressed on the second syllable.
If there are three words, the middle word is emphasized:
Phrasal verbs are  stressed at the end of it:
Take OVER.

Learning these rules of American English pronunciation will help you along with your conversations in English, and the more your hear American English pronunciation sounded out, the better your pronunciation will be.

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