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If you are an English language learner, there are different  pronunciation mistakes that you will make to those made by a native speaker.  The reason for pronunciation mistakes that are made by non-native English speakers is two-fold:

1.  There are sounds in English that may be entirely missing in your native language

2.   We tend to mimic the pronunciation of those around us, and even native English speakers are guilty of mispronunciations, which then become the accepted way of sounding out the

common pronunciation mistakes

wrong              correct
assessory    accessory
affadavid      affidavit
Artic               Arctic
aks                  ask
asterik        asterisk
bob wire     barbed wire
bidness         business
cannidate    candidate
Calvary           cavalry
close                 clothes
dialate              dilate
decrepid           decrepit
diptheria         diphtheria
drownd(ed)      drown
excape                escape
expresso            espresso
excetera             et cetera
expecially         especially
Febyuary           February
fedral                    federal
fillum                     film
hi-archy             hierarchy
interpretate        interpret
irregardless       regardless
jewlery                  jewelry
leash                       lease
libel                         liable
liberry                     library
mannaise          mayonnaise
metorology         meteorology
miniture                miniature
mischevious        mischievous
nucular                  nuclear
often                         ofen
orientate                orient
ostensively          ostensibly
parlament           parliament
perculate              percolate
perogative          prerogative
perscription       prescription
prespire                  perspire
probly, prolly       probably
pronounciation  pronunciation
prostrate               prostate
realator                 realtor
revelant               relevant
reoccur                   recur
sherbert               sherbet
silicone                 silicon
snuck                    sneaked
sose                             so
spade                       spay
supposably        supposedly
ways                         way

If you are an English language learner, there are different pronunciation mistakes that you will make to those made by a native speaker and the reason for these pronunciation mistakes are varied.

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American English pronunciation is most easily learned if you study English as a second language in the United States. There are four recommended ways to learn correct American English pronunciation.There are some common ESL pronunciation mistakes which your teacher can anticipate, the reason for this being that your teacher has seen this many times before in ESL students of different nationalities. The most typical ESL pronunciation mistakes that occur can be broken down broadly by the type of mistake and the national language of the learner.