10 Most Interesting Facts about Words

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Studying the English language won’t ever be boring with its vast and ever-changing vocabulary. While studying English as a second language, students can enjoy some fun facts about some words which they may not have known about.

English Word Fun Facts

  1. Squirrel – The word squirrel originates from the Greek word Skiouros. This means shadow-tail.
  2. Awkward – The word awkward originates from the Old Norse word Afugr. Afugr means turned the wrong way around.
  3. X – The letter X, according to research done by IED, was first used by naturalist Gilbert White in a 1763 letter to represent a kiss.
  4. Corridor – The evolution of the word corridor comes from the Latin word Currere which means ‘to run’ or ‘running place’. The sense of long building passageway dates back from the early 19th
  5. Sarcasm – The word sarcasm is of Greek origin and comes from the word Sarkazein. This literally means ‘to tear flesh’.
  6. Clue – Although you may know what clue means now, what you didn’t know was that the word ‘clue’ originally meant ‘a ball of thread’. Today’s meaning represents an idea which used the thread to help guide someone out of a maze.
  7. Girl – Many centuries ago, the word girl was used to refer to a young person or child of either gender. It is speculated that the word comes in relation to German origin gör meaning ‘child’.
  8. Computer – In 1613 the word computer was once referred to as a person. Since then it has evolved to mean a machine since 1869 and then to an electronic device since 1946.
  9. Daisy – The word daisy is a contraction of the words ‘Day’s eye’. This is because a daisy opens throughout the day and closes at night.
  10. Swims – The word swims when turned upside down will still be written as swims. These words are called ambigrams.
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