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On the previous issue of the newsletter, we started exploring the most effective tips and strategies for learning a foreign language as they relate to the four major aspects of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In the first post we offered some tips to study Listening and Pronunciation and we will continue on this issue with some tips on how to practice and improve the speaking skill:


Focus on accuracy

New language learners have a tendency to sacrifice accuracy for speed. Simply put, they speak faster than they are able. In doing so they are forming a habit of mispronunciation. This habit tends to be strongest among those with just enough understanding of language to speak somewhat conversationally, but not fluently. Slow down, pay attention, and pronounce each word correctly. As you learn to speak correctly, your ability to speak more quickly will come naturally.

Learn correct sentence structure

Knowing a lot of vocabulary is useful, unless you can’t use it to form meaningful phrases and sentences. Take the time to learn correct sentence structure and word usage.

Practice speaking

Practice is the key to learning to speak any language. Listening to the language and speaking the language constantly will lead to fluency. When reading the language, read aloud whenever possible. Converse with others (preferably native speakers) as much as possible exclusively in the language.

Go to the source

If you want to learn to speak like the natives, then you need to speak WITH the natives. There is no substitute for hands-on experience and practice with native speakers. Practicing a language with a native speaker will help you learn correct pronunciation and nuances to speaking that are difficult to pick up elsewhere.

To be continued…

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