And the Winner of our iPad mini Summer Giveaway is…

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Our Summer Giveaway was an i-Pad mini, and our winner is:  Ada Shudan, student at TALK San Francisco!

On Thursday, August 28th, Ada was presented with an iPad mini in front of her classmates at TALK San Francisco.  She was thrilled to learn she beat out 8,622 other contestants.

Congratulations Ada!! A worthy winner of our Summer giveaway!

We interviewed our Summer giveaway winner, Ada:

Four months is a short slice of life. The past four months were one of the most important and meaningful adventures in my life. In the TALK program, I met many interesting classmates and qualified ESL teachers. I learned quickly how to use practical English in my daily life. The teachers always gave us tools to stretch our learning, and also they were creative with their teaching methods. After school and weekends, we had many awesome school activities, we learned how to tie dye t-shirts, bake cupcakes, make sushi, stand-up paddleboard and took many field trips etc. These activities played a vital role to help us assimilate into the American culture and learn the language.” 



Q&A with Ada

Q: What are you future goals?

A:  My future goals are to be a successful entrepreneur and a loving mother.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher and why?

A:  It is difficult to choose a favorite teacher because every teacher was outstanding. If I had to choose one, it would be Kim Hunter. She is an affectionate person and a cool teacher. Her classes taught us how to use English in our everyday life. She took us to Starbucks, the cafeteria and airport to learn everyday English

Q: What was your favorite part about studying at TALK?

A:  My favorite part at TALK was experiencing the American culture through tons of attractive school activities and local events.

Q:  What was your favorite field trip with TALK?

A:  My favorite field trip was going to Santa Cruz and having fun with my classmates. (Check out TALK San Francisco Facebook Page for more activities)

Q:  How would you describe TALK to someone interested in studying English?

A:  It is a place where you will put your English to practical use, experience amazing cultural events and gain memorable friendships.

Congrats to a worthy summer giveaway winner!

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