Boston: A City with History and Many Firsts

 In Boston, TALK Schools

TALK English Schools has a campus on 99 Bedford Street which is in Boston’s Financial District, TALK Boston offers a comfortable atmosphere in the midst of the excitement of this dynamic city. The school is in the historic and beautifully restored Bedford Building, originally built in 1874. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Boston is a city of firsts: constructed the first public park, Boston Common in 1634; the first public school, Boston Latin, in 1635; and the first subway system in the nation, known as the Tremont Street Subway, in 1897. Then there’s the first inoculation, telephone, and industrial arts school. Newer firsts include the Big Dig, which set a precedent for smart urban planning around the globe, and of course there’s the first social media network (Facebook) too.

With all those firsts, it’s easy to understand that Boston ranked fifth in the world for innovation in 2017. Some of the “innovation friendly” factors include cultural assets, education centers, transportation, and biking or walking accessibility. Of course, the city’s world-renowned research institutions like MIT, Harvard, and Tufts add to this cutting-edge clout, as do the thousands of digital startups and entrepreneurs that have set up operations here.

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