The Cultural Sensitivity You Learn when you Study Abroad

 In Cultural Immersion

When you first arrive in the USA to study English, you may find you struggle to understand the points of view of your new American friends. You may have difficulty fulfilling your teacher’s expectations in class. Well, all that time you will spend trying to see things from the perspective of your friends or professors will be itself a lesson in cultural sensitivity — and one well worth learning!

Global Business Cares about Cultural Sensitivity 

cultural sensitivityCultural sensitivity can only be learned when you are exposed to diversity, and open to embracing another person’s opinion.

American college campuses are some of the most racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse institutions in the world.  And congratulations to you on having made the brave, career-altering decision to study abroad, and to obtain those all-important academic qualifications in the USA!

Your interactions with fellow students in and out of class allow you to step back at times and consider how someone’s view was shaped by the morality and ethics of their culture.  Something as simple as a discussion about a work of literature ends up being a master-class in how background and experience can color understanding.

Exposure to Diversity Makes You More Culturally Sensitive

The diversity of students on campus and in class provides plenty of opportunities for creative thinking—something scientists and psychologists studying the effects of diversity have proven leads to greater innovation, and better quality scientific research.  Exposure to diversity changes the way you think and makes your mind more flexible and inventive.

Collaborating with groups forces to you widen your view, and weigh multiple options to problem-solving.  Even just hanging out with friends, talking about the latest movies, or the art that moves each of you will give you access to a wide world of opinions.

Your experience at so diverse a college will lay the groundwork for a career in today’s global world of business.  Multi-national corporations value employees that can comfortably interact with co-workers and clients from varied backgrounds.  Your worldliness makes you more open and culturally sensitive—important considerations for any business that spans the globe or hopes to.

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