TALK Schools’ Business Certificate Professional Development Program

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If you are in the world of business, or if you are intrigued and/or fascinated by how businesses work, then the Business Certificate Professional Development Program offered by TALK Schools is what you need.


Develop new skills and an understanding of the global economy and the business world.

Potential for increased career opportunities when returning to your home country.

Graduating students are awarded designations and qualifications for successfully completing courses.
Development of international alumni contacts.

Although not an exam preparation course, the curriculum follows specific guidelines, providing students an opportunity to gain college credits by examination in the US and worldwide.

Program Details

Program duration is a minimum of 1 course (7 or 8 weeks) and a maximum of 15 courses (3 years).

6 courses are taught per year including 1 course taught during the summer break.

A minimum of 3 business courses and a minimum of 2 in the humanities, social sciences or arts are offered each year.

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