Time Management: One of the Skills Study Abroad Teaches You

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The hard work you put into earning your certification or a degree translates to the working world in obvious ways but the “soft skills” you learned while managing your college life are just as important to employers.  Your time as a study abroad student taught you many real-life, so-called “soft”, skills that employers find attractive. Foremost among them is time management.

Time Management Skills = You’re Ready for Reality! 

time managementTime management  “The act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.”

Your time studying in the USA will teach you to become self-motivated and disciplined in your approach to class work.  The culture of American colleges and universities puts the responsibility on you to produce the work and be on time.  Being able to prioritize your schedule to accommodate the professor’s expectations is something you will learn without even knowing it, or perhaps learn it the hard way after showing up late for class!  If you plan to participate in any school sports, become a member of any campus groups or clubs, spend time with new friends, or explore your host city, you need to carve out time for these activities.

Time Management is Important in Business

Learning and perfecting your English language skills while taking a full course load is impressive on its own.  Factor in time for homework, extracurricular activities, and having a social life, and you are a bona fide time management star!  Employers recognize and value this skill in potential hires.

I’m sure you will get to know— and quite possibly envy —a student who arranges their schedule to be a four day week or start in the afternoon.  One of your classmates may be that guy who rolls out of bed and arrives at class in pajamas and slippers.  These students will be doing themselves a disservice.

The real world is seven days, twenty-four hours, PANTS ON, and believe me business knows it!  The time management skills you acquire and hone while studying in the US will be a true asset to your professional life.










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