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TALK Boston’s downtown location opened in March, 2014.  Located in the Financial District in Boston’s historic heart, the school has drawn international students from all over the world, attracted by the close proximity to historic national landmarks, beautiful public parks, fashionable shopping areas, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and recreational facilities. Along with that small-city feel and charm that Boston evokes,  TALK Boston’s unique character and spirit  makes our international students’ experience at this school  special and memorable.  This special ‘something’ is the product of the school’s staff and teachers, and it begins with the warm, approachable and helpful friendliness of the Director, George de Souza.  Along with his wife, Patricia, George opened the TALK Boston school in 2010 when it established itself on the Regis College campus. The staff and teachers are also part of the supportive team that make up the TALK Boston family.  Many are foreign themselves, or are Americans who have taught in other places, and they understand the difficulties their students can experience not only with learning English but also adapting to their new surroundings.  They see themselves as representatives of American values and culture and understand the responsibility to show and share with the students the best and most interesting attributes of their country.

TALK Boston has Everything, Including Location, Location, Location!

Along with that small-city feel and charm that Boston evokes,  TALK Boston’s unique character and spirit  makes our international students' experience at this school  special and memorable.

TALK Boston’s location in Bedford Street

Of course, their job is made easier by the fact that Boston is such an accessible city and exciting city.  Whether you want to experience the history, fashion, food, sports, or music and arts scene, you can do so in a city that still has a small-town vibe. The staff at TALK Boston realize that it’s easy to revert back to speaking one’s native language or to become homesick.  They help the students make the most of their experience by encouraging them to only speak English in class and at school but also when they participate in extra-mural activities and some of the many cultural experiences offered by the city. The students are encouraged  be open to new opportunities to meet and mix with the city’s inhabitants,  to not be afraid to make mistakes when speaking English, as it’s one of the best ways to learn the language. George de Souza supports this approach 100%, adding that the team in Boston is a very dedicated and inspiring group that not only teach but also mentor the international students, and that, as a result, the school has a strong spirit of community and family: “Having been a teacher myself for over twenty years, I find it easy to relate to both teachers and students. I enjoy connecting with people. The team we’ve built at TALK Boston just makes our jobs so much easier”

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