Immersion in a New Language

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Unless you have superhuman abilities, you’re not going to become fluent in a language if you don’t use it often and consistently. And the best way to ensure you hit both marks is simply to use it daily.

Better yet, immerse yourself in the new language. Changing the operating language on your browser or phone will leave you disoriented for a few days, but it will get you used to seeing the language in your daily life. Listen to podcasts or the radio in your target language on your commute.

Watch YouTube videos in the language you’re trying to learn. A lot of foreign-language videos will have English subtitles. And if you’re feeling bold, you can even watch them without the subtitles! The Internet is your friend. Let it help you melt your brain every day.

Immersion is key to mastering a foreign language quickly. The more you immerse yourself in the foreign language — such as reading, listening to the radio or speaking to people — the more rapid your progress will be.

Top tips from experts to learn a language quickly:

  • Take risks and speak the language whenever you can.
  • Consume foreign language media.
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Make use of free foreign language podcasts and apps.
  • Don’t practice in isolation; get feedback from native speakers.
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes.
  • Enroll in one of TALK Schools in the U.S. and you will achieve all of the above.
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