Halloween Time!

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Halloween is a time when superstition reigns alongside dress-up fun and (scary) celebration!  It is one of the more popular holidays that Americans observe annually. Halloween is thought to have its origins in the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. This festival was held throughout the British Isles and was a time when people used to wear costumes and light bonfires to ward off any unwanted roaming ghosts. Halloween is a time when superstition reigns alongside dress-up fun and (scary) celebration! It is one of the more popular holidays that OCT halloween girlAmericans observe annually.Over time the evolution of Halloween has changed dramatically and it is now a community based event, which is particularly child friendly and marked by fun activities involving haystack hide ‘n seek, tractor rides, and of course, trick or treating. It is a fun holiday in which both children and adults can participate and enjoy.

Halloween Traditions


Trick-or-treat is probably the most popular of the Halloween traditions. In towns and cities across America, young children walk around their neighborhood – the very youngest supervised by adults – and knock on doors. When someone answers the door, the children say “Trick-or-treat?” to the home-owner, in the hopes, which are nearly always realized, that they will get the treat i.e. the candy!


Jack-o’-lanterns are also a popular tradition during Halloween. This involves the carving of faces into pumpkins and placing a candle within to light up the spooky face. These are then placed around the outside of the home to make the premises look scary and forbidding to ghosts.

Mischief Night

Mischief Night refers to having some harmless fun by performing all sorts of pranks or scaring friends and family.  In some cases, mischief night goes a little too far – teens might get carried away by throwing flour on random strangers, covering houses in toilet paper, or destroying school property. These are not good ideas and can lead to some serious repercussions for the pranksters.

Dress Up

A popular tradition for both children and adults, dressing up in costumes is the most fun Halloween activity of all. Old and young, everyone makes the most of the opportunity to dress up in costumes and roam the streets in groups. The costumes can be anything from scary, sexy, weird or childish.  Adults get the chance to become children again for a night! Halloween is a fun time for everyone right across the USA. Its popularity has continued to stay strong throughout the years and is a time many Americans get excited about each year.




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