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If you’re coming to study ESL abroad at a US college, chances are you’ll have a roommate.  If you don’t select one yourself ahead of time, you’ll be assigned a roommate by your college or school.

How to Choose a Roommate

Do you really want to leave it up to someone you never met to pair you with a person you’ll share a one room space with for months, maybe years?  Didn’t think so…and neither did the makers of all the roommate finder sites like;;;—a Facebook site; or Facebook’s individual college groups.

Most sites have you create a profile that looks to answer some personality, and behavioral traits important to determining compatibility.

 A Roommate Quiz

roommatesIf you were to create a quiz for a potential roommate it would at least include these 8 questions.

  1. Do you smoke?
  2. What time do you usually wake up?
  3. What time do you usually go to sleep?
  4. Where do you do most of your studying?
  5. How much do you party?
  6. How often do you have friends over?
  7. Are you a slob, neat, or somewhere in between?
  8. What are you hoping for in a roommate?

A Roadmate Quiz

 If your own answer to question #8 from above was that you’re hoping to make a friend, too  AND a road trip buddy, you’ll also want to know

  1. How much have you traveled?
  2. What do you like to do most when you travel?
  3. How’s your sense of direction?
  4. Are you a big spender, or do you like a deal?
  5. What are your interests?
  6. Do you like to try new foods?
  7. Are you a risk taker?
  8. What languages do you speak?

As a student studying English in the US you’ll have the opportunity to choose a college roommate.  Sharing a dorm room with someone can be a great experience if you choose wisely.  You’ll likely be spending more time with your roommate than anyone else at school.  They could be a positive influence on your study habits, and, with luck, might become a close friend and travel companion.


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