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Fort Lauderdale is a city on the southeastern coast of the state of Florida. Known for its elaborate boating canals, cruise port, and beautiful beaches, the city has quickly developed into a must-see tourist destination. It is also the place where one of TALK English Schools is located which, by the way, is the main campus.

1. Nicknamed ‘The Venice of America’.

Widely known as “the Venice of America” and the “Yacht Capital of the World”, Fort Lauderdale has
300+ miles of navigable waterways. An elaborate system of rivers, canals, and the intracoastal waterway
make this city a boater’s dream.

2. The city started as a military fort.

Fort Lauderdale was originally not one, but THREE forts during the Second Seminole War. Although the
forts are not standing today, the name obviously stuck.

3. Spring Break helped build the city.

Fort Lauderdale was featured in a popular 1960s movie, “Where the Boys Are”. The raucous movie was
about (you guessed it) spring break. Soon after the movie released, college students flocked to the area
en masse for a sun and sand filled getaway.

4. Fort Lauderdale is home to one of the busiest cruise ports in the world.

Port Everglades, just south of Fort Lauderdale, is the 3rd busiest cruise port in the world. Accommodating almost 4 million passengers a year, the port sits just behind Port of Miami and Port Canaveral in terms of passengers.

5. Fort Lauderdale enjoys a year-round subtropical climate.

Fort Lauderdale has nearly 250 days of sunshine per year and a yearly average of 74.45°F. Not a bad place to be, if you ask us.

6. You can find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches here.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale area consists of 24 miles of coastline – all lined with world-class beaches. From Hillsboro Beach in the north to Hallandale Beach in the south, it’s hard NOT to find a beautiful plot of sand here.

7. Home to the only coral reef found in the continental United States.

Just offshore, following the 24 miles of beach, is a coral reef tract. These coral reefs are a part of the Florida Reef Tract that run from Dry Tortugas to St Lucie Inlet (360 miles), the third longest barrier reef system in the world.

11. The beach is one of the busiest nesting sites for sea turtles in the world.

South Florida, in general, serves as the nesting site for thousands of endangered sea turtles. Three of the seven species, worldwide, nest here between the months of March and October: Loggerhead, Green, and Leatherback.

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