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They say that teaching is the greatest act of optimism. As we have collectively faced the challenges of COVID-19, we here at TALK have been given a glimpse of that optimism. Our teachers, are now giving English classes online!

We have always been proud of our teachers and the quality and effort they maintain. But during these strange times we could not be more proud. Like everyone, we had to adjust to the new restrictions quickly. So instead of give the school term up, TALK English Schools decided to move to distance online learning, for our students in the US.

While all of our general staff has done well to make the necessary changes, it would have all meant nothing had our teachers not been on board! What a privilege it has been to see our teachers meet the challenge in way that we believe is an inspiration and example to our students.

In just a few short days they learnt new online technology and adapted teaching methods. They have done this while adjusting to new isolation and lock-down restrictions for themselves and their families. Here are some of the ways that, our teachers are successfully teaching students online.

Online classes TALK Botson students wave

Students at TALK Boston in Online Class

TALK Online English Classes

  1. All our TALK English Schools have moved to online classes. While the crisis has taken away our onsite contact time there is one added benefit of online learning: TALK students from across the country are now taking classes with each other across all levels of our courses. Students are engaging not just with students from their chosen school but with others across the country!
  2. Despite the challenge, we still have online classes for all our main course English course offerings including General English (all levels), Business English and Intensive English. Each of these courses offers different outcomes based on what your goals and objectives are.
  3. Our online classes are still interactive and facilitated by a main teacher and a teaching assistant. The main teacher gives the lesson. The teaching assistant helps by answering student questions in real time on the chat platform. The assistant also reviews homework and assignments, and takes care of the administrative activities like attendance. This model has ensured that teaching remains the focus.

For now this shift to online English teaching is temporary (under authorization from USCIS). But because of the strength of our teachers and the wider TALK team we are optimistic about all the lessons we are learning!


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