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Technology has made it easier for students from all backgrounds to engage in different online learning opportunities. Across the US and the world, online course enrollments have increased. During this covid-19 crisis we here at TALK have chosen to take advantage of this technology to continue teaching English through online classes.

We really do believe that the best way to learn English is in a classroom with community involvement and cultural immersion. However we do know that online education has some great benefits too. So while we all wait to get back onsite and in contact why not consider making the most of these benefits by enrolling for online English classes with TALK. To help you decide we’ve listed some of the benefits and tips that you can use to prepare for your next online class.

Comfortable online learning environment

One of the best things about taking online classes is the comfort and ease factor. Online teaching offers students the opportunity to create the kind of learning space that is most beneficial to them. You’ll be able to roll out of bed and straight into your class if you choose. You can eat and drink without worrying about how loud you are chewing. You can mute your microphone and put some quiet music on in the background. You can create the learning environment you choose.

Tip: To minimize disturbances it’s important to select a space that is as private as your situation allows. If possible, pick a spot with good lighting and a decent desk and chair. If you have to, move some items around to create the perfect spot.

A quiet way to participate

A related benefited to a comfortable learning environment is the fact that online classes give students who are less confidant a chance to participate through chat forums. If you are a shy student or if you struggle to form and communicate your questions, this way of learning offers a quiet personal channel that you might be more comfortable with.

Tip: Before class you can type up questions or comments in a separate word document. That way you can quickly copy, cut and paste it into the chat forum without any pressure.

Connect and Engage with students  

Online classes that have an interactive component (e.g. live video calls in) are better than distance learning forms which simply send material to students and expect them to go through it on their own. If you don’t want to be isolated as your learn, interactive online teaching give you a chance to engage with the materials together with other students.

Tip: Set up a group chat on social media with a few classmates to share study tips, notes, struggles, or even just some encouragement. If you do it’s a good idea to establish some sharing rules (e.g. times of posting) so people don’t get overwhelmed.

Manage your Study-Work-Life Balance

Taking classes online offers you the chance to better manage all the commitments you have. Since you won’t have to leave your home you cut down on time spent in traffic or public transport. All this ‘extra time’ can be used for extra sleep, meditation, a personal break or even precious family time!

Tip: Create a list of all small manageable task that you’d like to do in this ‘extra time’ (e.g. mediate, read, sort out your clothes). Pin the list on a wall or board that you can see regularly. That way you’ll always have something on your ‘to do’ list for that extra time.

With all the chaos of social distance and isolation it makes even more sense to consider online classes. You’ll get all these benefits plus the personal satisfaction of having learned or improved on your English. If you are US based consider enrolling for our online classes, by contacting our TALK English Schools.


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