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TALK international students have lived in, and traveled in parts of the world that many American college students have never been. So when the semester break comes around, it can provide international students the opportunity to do some local exploration of their own. Here are some affordable and cheap travel ideas for students studying in US colleges on their time away from study.

  1. Travel on the less Desirable Days: When looking to travel, international studentsinstead of traveling at peak time or days of the year, postpone the date until it falls on a less desirable day that others wouldn’t normally travel on. With this method you usually find cheaper flights and other favorable accommodation options that would not be offered in the peak period. This will help you to save money.
  2. Choose Online Travel Bookings: Sometimes, by comparing different travel websites, you will be able to find affordable packages, accommodation, or tickets to certain places you may want to visit. You may also find that booking through these online sites is not only quick and easy, but you know exactly what you are paying upfront and what you must budget for anything not included in the package fee.
  3. Plan Travels Around Local Events: Sometimes traveling to local events can be cheaper than traveling out of state for an adventure.  With local but popular events and destinations, sometimes transportation companies or local tourist businesses in that area will offer discounts on their tour offerings. You will also get a chance to experience the local culture outside of the city you are studying.
  4. Eat at your Booked Accommodation: Another way to help save money when traveling is booking accommodation where you can cook your own meals. Eating out at restaurants can really cut into your budget. By buying groceries at your local supermarket and cooking them in your temporary home you can easily save a lot of money that can then be used on other things. Drinking water instead of soda drinks is also another great way to help save you money.



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