Things To Watch Out For When Studying Abroad

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For any student, studying abroad is a great opportunity. It can be that totally unforgettable, wonderful experience that will never be replicated. Although it can be a great experience there are many mistakes some TALK students should make sure that they avoid so that they can have an incredible adventure studying abroad. Here are some tips of what to be aware of, and what not to do, when studying abroad.

Not Using your Time to your Advantage:studying abroad

When studying abroad you will experience homesickness. For many students this is the longest and farthest they have ever been from their home. Although you may miss those far away at home, remember that this is a once-in- a a-lifetime experience. Try not to spend all your time on social media websites because while you are doing this, you are missing out on some amazing experiences and encounters with interesting people.

Being Overcharged For Drinks

In some places a popular scam has been used to take advantage of naïve and innocent international students. This scam is usually seen with an attractive woman approaching the student and inviting them for a drink at a club or bar. When they purchase a drink they are charged exorbitant amounts for it and the woman takes her cut of the money. To help avoid a scam such as, this trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, get yourself away from there. Make sure someone in your group of friends is sober enough to take charge of the group if you think you may get intoxicated.

Stuck in a Routine Rut

Once you have become accustomed to your surroundings and the newness has worn off, you may find you have possibly fallen into a routine, and maybe a pretty dull one. If you find you are repeating the same things and activities everyday, try to make a conscious effort to do something different. This will help you to get out of the routine rut and make your stay more enjoyable.

Losing Track Of Finances

When studying abroad it is always best to budget and spend your money wisely. Make sure before you leave your home that you have researched the cost of living in the city where you will be staying, that you have planned yourself a budget, and then stick to it. Don’t make the mistake of blowing your budget in the first few weeks of your trip by buying lots of souvenirs. The souvenirs will always be there throughout your trip. Also always take note on how much you spend if you are eating out.

Pickpocketingstudying abroad

In larger cities pickpocketing can be a problem so it is always important to stay in tune with your surroundings while studying abroad. Always be conscious of your wallet in crowded places or try to clip it to yourself with money belts and cell phone holsters.

Neglecting your Studies

When studying abroad it can be so easy to get caught up in the fun and experience of being in a new country. Remember though that your main reason for being in the new country is to study. Before you leave to study it is best to research the teaching system of your school so you can become accustomed to it. Make sure you try your best to keep on top of your assignments throughout the semester as this will reduce any potential stresses as a result of falling behind.

Not Leaving your Comfort Zone

When you choose to study abroad you are choosing a new life experience. So when studying, try not to spend all your time in and around your comfort zone. Try to take full advantage of your study period and all the activities and opportunities that are offered by the school. Some ways to help you get out of your comfort zone is to learn the language, immerse yourself in the new culture, travel, and hangout with the locals. By leaving your comfort zone you will have so many more memories to fondly look back on.

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