The Importance of Exercise in College

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TALK English Schools students know that studying can really clog up one’s schedule.  Besides lots of classes, you may have a part-time job, you will be wanting to hang out with your friends and stay in touch with your family. Although it may not be high on your list, however, it is important not to forget to add exercise to your college life routine and activities. Exercise keeps your mind and body healthy. Students do better if they are healthy, physically and mentally. Here’s how exercise improves your functioning and performance.

Brain Cell Development StimulationExercise

Studies have shown that regular aerobic exercises have a great effect on the brain. It is said that those who are exercising more have the ability to retain more knowledge, improve overall mental health, and stimulate mental energy even though you may be tired.

Memory Retention

A structure in the brain called the hippocampus controls the retention, recall, and formation of memories. In adults, this area of the brain starts to shrink in the late 20s and leads to memory loss over time. Studies show that exercise helps to prevent the shrinkage and may promote additional re-growth. For college students,  a routinely practiced exercise regime benefits the recall function of your knowledge, and that in turn helps you succeed in tests and other areas of your life that need mental sharpness.

Concentration and Focus

A regular exercise regime can help increase your concentration and focus in a great way. It has been found that students who exercise for 20 minutes a day before starting their classes see a huge improvement in their work output and with their power of concentration. This is particularly beneficial around exam time.

Boosts Mood

Exercise has been proven to help with increasing your overall mood and happiness. Endorphins are released when you exercise. These are a mood booster, and so this makes you happier. In this way too, exercise is a great way to relieve both chronic and mild depression. You also feel increased confidence as you become more energetic and healthy. Those around you will also notice the difference in you. So to stay healthy, happy and with a positive attitude, plan to start a regular weekly exercise regime.

Stress Release

Constant and prolonged stress can lead to serious health problems. Exercising is a great way to help you ease anxiety,  sleep better, and relieve some of the negative effects of stress on your body. When you exercise, you boost all the feel-good chemicals in your body, and you release the stress that is there in a much more beneficial way than fighting, crying, or screaming!


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