What Is The Culture Of American Etiquette?

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For any TALK international student, business and social etiquette is an important skill to have. The importance of being able to help teach students about professionalism and poise should be part of the total educational approach, in order to prepare them for their working and/or social life. Despite the cultural diversity within the USA, there are some standard etiquette tips that all students will benefit when living and working in the USA. Here are some of the American customs and American etiquette skills you need to know when living and working in this country.American etiquette

Stay On Schedule – When you have an appointment or meeting always stay on time. Having good time management shows great professionalism and can show others that you respect them and their time. You also retain clients, customers, or your job when you show up on time. If you miss one appointment, you may not have another one waiting for you.

Be Mindful of what you Say – When speaking to people around you, be mindful of what you say and how you say it. In any type of communication, whether written or verbal, delivery is important. Take note of your audience and their age, and speak appropriately so your words have relevance and value.

No Phones – When you’re at a meeting, make sure you turn off your phone. A phone ringing in the middle of a meeting can be distracting for you and your co-workers. You may lose track of what you are saying and you may disturb others.

A Good Handshake – When meeting your boss or clients for the first time, remember to give them a good firm handshake. A firm handshake can show confidence and make you stand out.


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