25 Tricks To Make You Look Your Best In Pictures

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When it comes to photos, whether its family, friends, or party pictures, you may find that you look less than unflattering than what you may look like in real life. Here are some fun tricks you can try to make you look your best in pictures at all time.

  1. Blinking in photos is a common thing that happens when trying to stare at the camera for quite a long time. To remove half-closed eye shots, close your eyes before the picture is taken, and before it clicks slowly open your eyes. This will stop you from blinking when the image is taken.look your best
  2. To remove the double chin from a photo, all you have to do is simply push your face forward a little while you elongate your neck. This may feel awkward although it will pay off.
  3. When wearing makeup make sure your makeup isn’t too light or dark as this will show up when the flash hits the skin. The best way to apply makeup is to match your skin to your chest and add a layer to your neck to help blend it in well.
  4. Wearing mascara and curling your lashes are a must. The eyes are the focal point of the picture and the more open they are when the light hits them, the more your eyes will sparkle.
  5. Re-check older photos of yourself where you liked the look of yourself and see whether there is any pattern. If it is a certain smile or angle try an replicate this each time you have a photo taken.
  6. Placing your tongue behind your teeth when smiling can help to avoid a too wide, goofy grin.
  7. Filling in your brow is a great way of helping you look awake and vibrant in a picture, you can use a slightly darker brow pencil as images tend to come out lighter in photos.
  8. Making your hair shine by spraying on specific hair oils or water based hair sprays before the photo is taken can help to bring out vibrancy in your hair which compliments your features.
  9. Controlling frizzy hair or flyaways is also a great way to help make your photo better. Lightly cover your hands with a light dry oil or spray then apply where needed.
  10. To avoid red eye look toward the light right before the photo is taken as this will shrink your pupils.
  11. To create a rosy glow for a surprise photo, blot your face with tissue or a cocktail napkin before pinching your cheeks.
  12. To make your eyes look brighter try a couple of drops of Visine.
  13. Adding some blush to your cheeks can help to highlight your face and make you become more 3D in photos. Add a shade of medium pink on the apples of your cheeks to shape your face more evenly.
  14. To give your features more depth, turn your head slightly to a ¾ position. This will make your face more flattering.
  15. To look slimmer, try the red carpet pose. Place you hand on your hip then with your body angle it to the side before turning your head to the camera.
  16. Try to avoid having serious sparkle on your face. If you have to, keep your face semi-matte or matte then highlight your cheekbone tips and nose bridge with a highlighter powder that features a soft sheen.
  17. Sparkle below the neck can enhance your skin and can give it a pretty sheen. Dust your shoulders and collarbone with a shimmering powder for the perfect finish.
  18. Use a white wall for photos to brighten the face while balancing the colors in your skin. The white background helps the camera’s automatic settings bring out the best balance of your skin.
  19. Brighter lipsticks can highlight youth and vibrancy, so it is always best to wear them when taking a photo.
  20. Be more photogenic if you normally don’t like photos. The more photos taken of you, the more you will like yourself in photos and find the right angles that make you look your best.
  21. Take photos from above you than below. Below photos are unflattering. Photos taken from above tend to show a more even balance and look extra flattering.
  22. Avoid standing under a direct light as this will cast uneven shadows. Use natural light that is softer or where it hits your face from the side.
  23. To add personality to your photo, add a prop like a flower. This will help you relax as well.
  24. To create a sparkle in your eyes, look directly at a light source as this will place a flattering gleam in your pupils.
  25. Try to create a natural smile than a fake “cheese” smile. Thinking of something funny, or joking with the photographer can make you relax and naturally smile.


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