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When studying abroad there are many things that you will do and see whilst on this adventure. TALK international students will no doubt be very keen to get out and see the country, have new and amazing experiences, and gather from their experiences a lot of stories and observations that they will want tell back home to their closest friends and family. You may think you can retain all this stuff in your head for re-telling later, but you will be having so many new experiences, and on your travels seeing and doing completely new things, that you will find it hard to remember everything. There are a few ways to keep a detailed track of your adventures which include:


Keeping a camera or smart phone with you at all times will allow you to take all the photographs you want to help create a visual record of your adventure. Cameras or smartphones are designed to be small and compact, and don’t really take up much space when traveling. They are usually lightweight and provide you with the opportunity to take a souvenir snap whatever your location that will jog your memory later on. Some people may say that photos are not as meaningful as memories, but this just isn’t the case as photos can help to trigger memories.

Blog Writing

Alongside photos, another great way to help keep a track of your adventures while studying abroad is by keeping a blog. Keeping a blog about your adventure as you travel is a great way of sharing your experience with those around you, and of keeping the memories forever. With a blog you can document the time, date, and place of where you have been while also adding relevant photographs along with it to add visual appeal. With a blog you can write anything from funny, serious, playful, or anything else you can think of. Keeping a blog of your adventures is a great way of expressing yourself in ways you never thought possible.


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