10 Ways to Enjoy Life More for Less

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 life is beautiful muralAs an international student at TALK English Schools, you and many others experience not only the demands of learning a new language, but also homesickness, feelings of loneliness, and how to adapt to a new country. But tune into these easy to follow guidelines which will help you put these challenges into perspective and enable you to enjoy life more, and appreciate your good fortune! Check out these 10 ways that you can make sure you  enjoy life more for less!

The Best Things in Life are Free – they are what will make you enjoy life more!

1. Experiment
See life as one long series of experiments (health, exercise, business things, investments… mostly little things, nothing too extreme, but experiments all the same) – and it’s lots of fun.

2. Live Within Your Means
It’s crazy how much we spend on stuff we don’t need. The average wear that an item of clothing has is 5 times, and then it is shifted somewhere to the deep recesses of your wardrobe.  Needless consumption does make you enjoy life more.

3.  Read
It is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish”.–S. I. Hayakawa

4. Go Crazy
Challenge yourself, challenge your perceptions and go crazy  –  some crazy things are great opportunities in disguise

 5. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
Business doesn’t have to be serious and life certainly doesn’t have to be serious. One obvious example that springs to mind is Richard Branson – did you know that he has never worked a day in an office in his life? I heard that from the man himself in a recent interview.

6. Live in The Present
Don’t spend your time worrying about what might never happen.Remember the past with fond memories, but don’t spend too much time there either. The present is the only time we truly have and it is also the only thing we really have control over.

7. Collaborate
There are some great examples of collaboration online. Working with others (assuming they are the right others) can give us leverage and enable more to happen than working alone.

8. Move More
Move. More.  Mentally, physically and socially – especially physically – walk, bike, hike – it’s free and it gives you an emotional and mental boost in a way that nothing else does!

9. Do Something You’re Really Passionate About
This doesn’t have to be your main business – but you may find out that it ends up being that way.

10. Fail Fast
Failure is not actually about failing. It’s about learning.

Don’t be afraid to fail. this is one of the great clues that will help you enjoy life more! Fear will hold you back. It’s okay to fail, get yourself up, dust off and move on, or even better, try celebrating it instead of regretting it.

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