10 Cool College Friendship Quotes

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TALK English Schools students will meet some amazing people along the way and form friendships that will last a lifetime. There are many different cool things about college friendships, and here are some friendship quotes from previous students at TALK that describe how special this experience and time in your life is.

  1. “The people you made a mad dash to befriend in the early years of friendshipcollege may not be the same people who will stand by you in the senior years. But they will be the ones that first made you feel at home and accepted, for that you will always feel grateful.”
  1. “The person who really loves you will always give you a place to come and sleep when you have a moment of inability to stand your current roommate at a particular time.”
  1. “At times you will have to leave behind friends for a semester, the weekend, or for good. When this happens you will carry with you the most important thing, which is the knowledge of knowing that a true friend will continue to ask you to come visit, and call you often.”
  1. “We all have a friend who works too little, drinks too much, complains about everything, as well as makes constant excuses for not seeing you. Try not to become that friend.”
  1. “The best days of all are the ones that give you a chance to lie back on the grass with a close friend and talk/drink/study together. The best nights are the ones where you stay up late until early morning talking and drinking until you have crossed intimacy lines from which you cannot return, but from which you wouldn’t want to return.”
  1. “You never understand someone truly until you witness them as a whole person. When this happens, you will then see a true friend with all their wonderful qualities and flaws, and accept them for who they are.”
  1. “Having a best friend who is your roommate is the best thing ever, although it isn’t for everyone. If you always want to hang out with each other and never leave the room, you could screw up something that is good.”
  1. “The unsung hero at a party is the wing person, also known as a ‘sober soldier’, who has the ability to take care of their friends without question or without using a condescending baby or mom-ism voice as they get you home safely. At the time, you may be annoyed, but you were probably acting a little crazy and may need this kind of help. Always say thanks to your wing person!”
  1. “All relationships have their ups and downs, and some longer, or friendshipcome and then go. When you are suffering heartbreak or pangs of love or loss, a true friend will tell you the honest truth and not sugar coat it. They understand you fully and know you need to hear the truth no matter how hard it hurts to hear it. Always be thankful for that.”
  1. “The friends you tend to appreciate the most are the ones who offer you a meal when you’re in need of one, eat lunch twice so you don’t have to do it alone, send you lost assignments the day before they are due, buy your food for you when you’re sick, and make you feel like the reason you came to that school is because you were destined to be their friend.”
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