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The study abroad experience in the USA offers up many different ways that you can learn and improve you English language skills, and it does not all have to involve studying books and taking classes. In fact, we at TALK English Schools in the USA, think is just as valuable to get away from your studies and do other things that still involve learning about the language and culture, and practising spoken English.  We think that a commitment to speaking only English for 1 day a week will ensure that your language skills develop much more rapidly than it you do not try to do this.

Advantages to ESL Students Speaking (ONLY) English for just a day each weekspeaking only english

Learn New Words – By speaking English only for 1 day a week you will be able to pick-up, learn, and understand new words. Learning new words is vital to speaking English fluently, and can help you to understand those around you.

Increased Communication – The more often you speak the English language, the better chance you have of improving your communication skills. With better communication skills you will have the opportunity to communicate and interact with the people around you when you need to undertake everyday tasks such as shopping, making inquiries and finding your way around, and speaking to the locals.

Helps you Retain Knowledge – By speaking the language once a week, it can help to reinforce your skills while helping you to retain the language more effectively in your mind for better recall. This is ideal if you are truly passionate about learning English for work or living.

Places Where You Can Practise English for a Day

Practising your English in different venues and situations is important for social interaction. There are many places where you can go to practise your English for the 1 day. These include:

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Normal restaurants
  • Small shops
  • Clubs
  • Sporting events
  • School
  • With friends
  • In the park
  • At home
  • While walking



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